Is OneMoreVoter affiliated with any other organization?

No. We are just a few people who are trying to help raise enthusiasm and action for the 2020 Election. We are particularly focused on the electoral race in Pennsylvania, which is a key swing state that Republicans won in 2016. We are not affiliated with the Biden/Harris campaign or any other organization. We have a few links on our Voter Contact page as suggestions, but feel free to use any organization you are comfortable with to make voter contacts.

What counts as a voter contact?

We encourage you to count any voter contacts you make to a Pennsylvania voter to help them register and/or support a Democratic candidate after Labor Day. That would include number of phone calls or texts sent, postcards prepared to mail, or any personal visits or other kinds of contacts you make. They can include your work for Biden/Harris specifically, or with a Democratic candidate lower on the ticket running for another office.

Is OneMoreVoter its own organization?

No. Think of us more as a few people trying to help our friends, family, and like-minded people have an easy and supportive way to get involved and make a difference in this election. We hope to give people one more access point to find a way they can help– and to congratulate everyone who can help Biden/Harris win voters with tangible action.

How is OneMoreVoter keeping track of voter contacts?

We can only keep track if you report back to us the number of contacts you make. When you enter them on our Report page, they go into a scoreboard that we will post regularly to give you updates on our goal of reach 44,292 plus one more voter.

So please report back once you’ve made your voter contacts!

How many contacts should I make? Does each participant have a goal?

That’s up to you– every one can help win One More Voter. For example, we can get to 44,293 voters by attracting 200 participants to make 222 voter contacts.

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